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            Sennaya Ploschad Apartments in Saint Petersburg Russia for vacation, tours and holiday.


Experience the real historic St. Petersburg.

Sennaya History
Once a rambling wide-open market, the "Hay Market" has long been a prominent trading center.
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky lived next door during the time he wrote, "Crime and Punishment."
Location Walk 3 minutes to Metro and all central attractions.
Sennaya Square Services and facilities.
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Train Museum St. Petersburg, Russia, St. Petersburg activities

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from Historic St. Petersburg, Russia
Welcome to beautiful and historic Saint Petersburg. Here Russian culture, art and soul unite for visitors and locals alike to enjoy. From your Sennaya apartment you are near world-class museums, music, ballet, architecture and beautiful views, all within walking distance.

In 2003 the city rebuilt the Sennaya Square and in 2009 added a 3rd Metro stations [map] giving it a fresh look as Saint Petersburg enters its 4th century. Virtually all services for tourist are there, including restaurants, 24-hour markets, currency exchange, photo processing, two Metro lines -- and even McDonalds -- if you must! Sennaya Ploschad [map]

Enjoy your stay in Russia

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The Hermitage museum in the Winter Palace.
The Marinsky Theatre Bolshoi Ballet and music.
Jazz Philharmonic Hall with Sax player Valery Nagorny.

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