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Russia in stereoviews
About 100 years ago.

Fishermen on the lower Volga River.

Saint Isaac Cathedral
Saint Isaac's Cathedral, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Nevsky Prospect
Nevsky Prospect, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Peterhof Knight's Hall, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Russian haymakers
Russian hay makers.

Moscow gate
Moscow Gate, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Winter palace
Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Ekaterina Monument
Catherine the Great, Ekaterina Monument, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Nevsky Prospect
Nevsky Prospect

A Romantic comedy in 6 views
Stereoview 1
The unexpected arrival of Bertie, the new French maid. Bon jour Mr. Bliss!

Stereoview 2
"You little rogue! You are as pretty as a picture!"

Stereoview 3
Oh-oh! The unexpected return of Mrs. Bliss-- "Hustle, James, she mustn't know this!"

Stereoview 4
"I'm so glad you are back, Dear. Is mother feeling better?

Stereoview 5
W-h-i-r-r-r- Crash! -- "By thunder! the jig is up!!"

Stereoview 6
"Au revoir, Bertie!"

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