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Saxophone artist Valery Nagorny

From Moscow to Miami, good jazz has always followed Sax player Valery Nagorny.

Visit my jazz friends in Saint Petersburg:
Jazz Philharmonic Hall

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Contact in Russian:
Valery Nagorny
7-812-152-9978 Russia

Contact in English:
David Owens
559-268-2625 USA
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Nagorny Player, composer, leader and teacher -- Valery Nagorny is a versatile jazz artist. Whether leading a big band or performing solo, he always brings a fresh spirit to his music.

Valery has a large repertoire of classic and modern jazz pieces. His own modern compostions can be heard on the "Evaporations" album and the "Live at Jazz-Club" album. Performing on tenor and alto saxophones, flute and clarinet, Nagorny also composes and arranges music for various ensembles.

Since 2001, Nagorny makes his home in Saint Petersburg where he teaches and performs in many festivals. He recently conducted the class of Saxophone Improvisation and jazz harmony at the Institute of Culture and Art.

Valery Nagorny
-- Valery Nagorny's smoking improvisations at the jazz club.
Among Nagorny's students you can find prizewinners of the regional jazz festivals and the Competition of Young Saxophonists of Russian Federation. He teaches mastery of the instrument with emphasis on technique and improvisation using his own methods. His students can be heard professionally in Russia and Europe.

Professional engagements - Philharmonic Society, Ural Dixieland european tour, Cotton Club musical director, Chelyabinsnk, regular appearances at Nevsky Palace Hotel, Jazz Philharmonic Hall, in big bands, combos and solo engagements in Russia and Europe. Recently completed a musical tour boat engagement to Miami, Florida.

- Named "Honored Artisty of Russia" by President Vladimir Putin
- Member of Russian Author's Association

- Jazz at an Old Fortress
- Valery Nagorny at Jazz-Club
- Evaporations

So What! Live at the Jazz Club, Moscow.

Jazz Philharmonic Hall
Live at the Jazz Philharmonic Hall
Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2004

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