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There are many Russian holidays, here are the main ones.

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Almost every day honors a Saint in the Orthodox Church.

Guide to Russian Holidays
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There is a reason to celebrate on almost every day if you include all the saints days and other significant dates. You can visit the Protection of the Mother of God Church to see the Saint of the day and other orthodox informationin English from Rochester, NY. This list is the highlights:
January 1: New Year's Day + The biggest holiday in Russia. It is celebrated much like Christmas in the US with decorated trees, presents, good food, drink (vodka!) and most of all- family and friends. Similar to Santa Claus, Father Frost makes an appearance along with his granddaughter "Snegurochka" the snow princess.
Most government and bank offices are closed for teh first week of January.
January 7: Orthodox Christmas The night of January 7 is Christmas according to the orthodox calendar. The period 7 to 19th of January is the Saint Christmas week, a time for fun, good deeds and visiting friends.
January 13: Old Russian New Year holiday in memory of Old Calendar New Year observed as a family holiday.
January 25: Student Day (Tatyana's Day) the holiday of students. On January 25, 1775 Emperor Elizabeth signed the decree establishing Moscow University.

February 14: St. Valentine's Day This borrowed holiday is now very pouplar in Russia.
February 23: The Army Day, Men's DayA tribute to all the generations of Russian soldiers. All males from boys to seniors receive congratulations and presents. Women have a happy opportunity to give the warmest and the sweetest attentions to their men.
February 27: The Pancake Day Holiday of farewell to the winter and welcome to the spring.
The Orthodox Church considers the Pancake Day to be a Christian holiday "Cheese week" 7 weeks before Easter.

March 8: Women's Day A day to honor all women and woe to the guy who forgets to treat his lady on this day. It is the first holiday of Spring, a day to celebrate the love, sacrifice, patience, wisdom, and beauty of Russian women.
April 1: April Fool's Day The day of laughter. Everyone may try to play a trick on others.

Orthodox Easter 1-2 weeks after Catholic/Protestant Easter: It is the main holy day established in honor to the Resurrection of Jesus.

May 1: The Holiday of Spring and Labor May Day is the traditional holiday of spring.
May 9: Victory Day The great holiday for Russian people of both joy and sorrow. It marks victory in World War II over Germany.

June 1: Children's Day To honor chilldren, their happiness and protection.
June 12: Day of Russia Russia's newest Independence day holiday marking the 1991 Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation.

(US Day of Independence observed by ex-patriots on July 4)
September 1: The Day of Knowledge The start of the new school year.
October 5: Teacher's Day To honor teachers.
October 31: Not a traditional holiday, but Halloween is getting known and observed in some clubs and schools. Divo Ostrov has a lot of decorations and Halloween activities in recent years.

(American Thanksgiving, not observed in Russia.)
December 12: The Constitution Day On this date in 1993 the new Constitution of the Russian Federation was approved.
(December 25, Christmas observed by some in additon to orthodox Christmas in January.)

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