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A guide can help you get oriented in Saint Petersburg and help you make the most of your time.

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Finding an independent tour guide
One of the joys of staying in an apartment in the center of Saint Petersburg is to experience all the culture and history as Russians have done for hundreds of years. Walk the streets and imagine seeing Alexander the Great, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky -- all the famous names of history -- passing by in years past.

Above are some independent tour guides that know how to assist those traveling on their own. Look at their websites and if you like what they offer contact them directly. Each has a different approach and special interests that may fit your travel goals. I would be glad to recommend someone if you e-mail David, assistance@sennaya.com in the US and let me know your purpose and interests.
And the flavor of the old city center still remains, there are no big flashing neon signs or garrish buildings. Most street signs are small and in Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Very few have english or international symbols. But maybe you don't care about street names because you can just head towards the admiralty spire or the Neva or St. Isaac's dome.

Armed with a guidebook, a map, walking shoes and a secure pocket of roubles and you are guaranteed to see interesting sites in almost every block.

But for the independent traveler I recommend considering using an independent tour guide for a few days to help you get an overview of the city and identify places you want to spend time later. And also to develop some skills, such as how to ride the Metro, hail a car or catch a bus. And you will have a solid contact to help for the duration of your trip as needed. It is easy to get lost in the Hermitage and maybe that is part of the fun. But maybe for the first visit a guide would really enrich your knowledge and efficiency.

Walking tours
Peter's Walks have guided walking tours of the center for a reasonable price, a great to supplement the self-guided tourist http://www.peterswalk.com/

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